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School No. 81050 | Affiliation No. 2130151

MG Public School
Circular Road, Muzaffarnagar, U.P.

Call us today +91-999 789 6244


The school is situated by the side of the circular road in a lush green environment sprawling over 20 bighas of land. The school has all the amenities and facilities which are essential to import quality education and cultivate.

ADMINSTRATIVE BLOCK: Administrative block consists of reception room with a sitting area for the visitors along with Principal’s Office and Accounts Office for the convenience of students and parents.

BUILDINGS: The school campus consists of four buildings ( Junior, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary) accommodating about 4000 students. These buildings are well equipped and functional. Every building is unique in its own right has very airy and spacious classrooms that allow a healthy amount of fresh air and light. The vast open area on the campus provides the  space for the morning assembly and other cultural activities.