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MG Public School
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Director's Desk

It will be an immaculate remark that the education pays rich dividends, lifelong, to the recipients against the investment made by the parents. The school meets this challenge by providing wholesome exposure through the academics (relevant to the   age or class) manually and though IT enabled class rooms.. A strong commitment, to address National and social causes and the events   which require immediate attention, is also being developed in the students. A valuable contribution of each individual comes   from compassion and devotion towards mankind and objective things. A mere sense of duty or an ambition to do something  will contribute little. Often the effort, courage and the confidence are blocked by hesitation. To overcome this inertia, the  impetus is provided by the school through various levels of interaction and activities on and outside the campus. In order to  deal with scholastic and co-scholastic activities, without extra burden or any pressure. The time management is the key. A well  planned routine helps in being focused, alert and self disciplined. The effort should always be to have a go for tomorrow’s  job today.

The cumulative effect of various factors has made the school reach at the top spot. Excellent results, immaculate Annual Function and Annual Sports Meet whose memories linger on throughout the year. The disciplined approach, redressal of the parents’ needs and queries etc. are fully taken care of the very thought to make excellence a habit and not an exception and strong unanimity in action, to do something new and different and to raise the bar has made the school result oriented and dynamic.

‘Rise and Shine’ is our motto. All the members of the staff work relentlessly to inculcate positive attitude in the students. Positive attitude is an asset in one’s personality and it induces enthusiasm in one's personality.

Enthusiasm is energy. it is the store house of all our actions. To be enthusiastic we need commitment, which in turn comes out of our interest in whatever we do or plan to do. To have sustained interest we need to be fully informed. Knowledge has to be given in a proper manner to the recipient and rather should not be forced. the recipient should properly sample the knowledge and then seek more. The recipient should be allowed to search and find. Once the process is successfully established, it will be his/her achievement. A helping hand is always needed to be extended through the roughs and difficult patches to keep the confidence sustained in the process and trust in the educator. The result will be that the recipient will continue to reach out and enjoy the process of collecting information and becoming knowledgeable. It is a well established norm that the pleasure and passion must be maintained throughout the process because there is no enthusiasm without the two.

"If you wish to give your child a gift, let it to be enthusiasm" (Bruce Barton)

In return of the untiring labor of the teachers and relentless efforts of the parents and students. I pray to Almighty to grant Amgeans.


"Serenity of mountains,
Power and flow of river,
Flight of a soaring bird,
Warmth and fragrance of flowers
Wisdom to know the difference."


  • G B Pande
  • M. Sc.(Phy.), M. Phil, B. Ed.
  • PGD in Computer Application 
  • PGD in Journalism
  • Life Member Managing Committee Meerut College, Meerut (U.P.)
  • Academic Advisor, Independent School Federation of India, Muzaffarnagar Chapter.