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School No. 81050 | Affiliation No. 2130151

MG Public School
Circular Road, Muzaffarnagar, U.P.

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(1st April to 30th September)

  1. Cheqred Skirts (Divided) of approved Twill
  2. Dotted Suit
  3. Socks (As prescribed)
  4. Bata Shoes Black Derby Toe.
  5. Black Hair-band/Black clips for girls.
  6. Maroon turban or scarf for Sikh students.
  7. School badge and belt.


(1st October to 31st March)

  1. Skirts (Divided) of approved cloth.
  2. Pullover Maroon V neck without any design.
  3. Blazer Strictly single breast, 2 buttons, Maroon, compulsory from class III upwards. Black stocking for Girls.
  4. Scarf or Maroon turban for Sikh students.
  5. School Tie, Belt, Socks, Badge and Pockets (Monograms).


ON every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY students will wear

sports dress , track suits of respective houses and white sport shoes





For Boys :

Lining Shirt

Steel Grey trousers as prescribed

Socks, Tie, Belt

Black Derby Toe shoes

Maroon turban or scarf


For Girls :

Salwar Kurta and Chunni of

the colour as prescribed by the school.

Socks, Tie, Belt and Shoes same as for Boys



Same for both boys and Girls as Summer Uniform

including Maroon Blazer as with School Crest